ACA amore campione architettura

Health care center
Tanaf, Senegal

The theme project of our group is the health care center, localized in Tanaf, in the southern part of Senegal near the river Casamance. So the inhabitants are forced to cross the river to get the only one hospital of area. For this reason it is necessary the realisation of a structure more easily attainable.
Health care center act as first aid for patients before they are taken to hospital. So they should be equipped with all the services and environments necessary for the performance of first aid. These are managed  by nurses able to practise rehabilitation, provide health care and distribute basic medicines. They also need good ventilation to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and viruses.
The focus of the project is the realisation of a structure composed by a sequence of modules. So it is adaptable depending on different necessities of spaces and it could be located non only in our assigned area but in any part of Senegal.
The main structure of the module is realized by pillars of wood that formed a regular grill for the entire structure. In these pillars got stuck some panels having the size of 3 meters by 3. There are 3 different model of these panels.
The first one is made by bamboo sticks and raw soil and it is utilized as fixed block. The second one is transparent and is made by hemp (which is obtained by rice sacks). The third one is opaque and is made by typical fabrics of Senegal. These panels are also divided in 3 subpanels of 3 meters by 1. These little panels could be disassembled depending on needs, to create doors and windows. They could be easily transported because of their limited weight (about 8 kilos).
The structure is composed by a mix of movable and unmovable walls. So it could be transformed and expanded in case of a bigger requirement and in case of a bigger number of users in the course of time. This makes the project flexible and adaptable as necessary.
There is a double roof: the first one, which covers the module, is made by bamboo sticks, the second one is made by studded iron sheets.
Concerning about the base we lifted the structure with a base made by bricks of beaten earth with dimensions of 40 cm. This choice safeguards the structure from moisture and protects from insects and snakes; this also allows the passage of cables and tubes under the structure.
In regard of rainwater we have organised a phytopurification system to filter and purify water. Water is taken by roof in a lot of points and then is carried through a system of tubes in an underground tank (2,5 meters deep). After that water arrives (with a system of pumps) in a layer composed by bamboo plants, river sand and laterite of different dimensions. Here water got purify by bamboo and after that arrives in another tank. Now it’s ready to use.
Our health center is also composed by a kitchen, an operating theatre, and a pharmacy where you can buy every kind of medicine. There is also a central courtyard. It is an important socializing element between users of center. It could be used as a place where people could drink tea, in respect of tradiction.
In closing we can speak about not only a project but also an architectural system which is adaptable depending on different needs and requirements and repeatable in whatever area of Senegal.

Gruppo di progettazione: ACA Amore Campione Architettura, Giuseppe Mazzaglia, Angelo Monteleone, Pablo Losa Fontangordo, Walter Pettinato, Francesco Montruccoli, Giuseppe Campailla, Giuseppe Saitta, Carmelo Mobilia, Alessio Marano, Medea Ferrigno, Mattia BencistÓ